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Edgar Froese [Tangerine Dream]:

> We've been through the entire range of possibilities of creating a piece of music. In the early '70s, we did 100 per cent improvised stuff, just sat down and started playing.

Even up to '77/'78, in concerts we would just walk on stage and say, 'A? E? C? What key shall we start with?' 100% risk, each gig.

Then we moved on and started structuring things more, when technology became more reliable and flexible and you could store things and recall them better.

That proceeded until today, when we've reached the absolute opposite point to which we started: 'Electronic Meditation' was 100 per cent improvised, absolutely nothing organised, with just a few little overdubs, and 'our latest album is 100% composed, with every tone set as we want them to sound.

Now we've decided to move again, in a completely different direction. We'll see what happens. <

Edgar Froese [Tangerine Dream] | 1997