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> The implications of what Faust are doing form the most significant concept- ual revolution in rock for 10 years.
Why should such a revolution have occured in a country which has next to nothing in the way of a rock tradition?

Precisely because of that absent tradition.

German bands owe their experimental precepts to the fact that, possessing neither the traditions nor the temperaments of American and British rock musicians, they view 'traditional' rock with a certain amount of detachment, eliminating to the best of their ability any attempts to reproduce a 'feeling' which cannot belong to them...taking no more from American or British rock than a state of mind.

Listening to Faust, who are by far the most extreme of the German experimental bands, one can indeed discern that which might be termed 'the rock consciousness', but at the same time one is forced to admit that the element of rock in the group's work is neither crucial,nor particularly salient.

Faust, at their least compromising, simply play music using instruments developed through rock. <

Ian McDonald
New Musical Express
March 73