netcart uses a common online distribution form: a virtual "postcard"- service, to support creative ideas and to distribute artworks.

All artists at netcart, provide a personal statement. The picture on the card takes the place of the message.

netcart let the visitor send this piece of the Web that lets the sender express a bit of his or her taste and attitude, like sending a little gift.

Here, the "authentic experience'' is a virtual location; the netcart make the information space into a source for personal expression.

netcart is a Net.Art project organized by Mario Hergueta for Cybordelics and Andreas W. Schmitt for Boomania



The netcart -rack has a wide variety of netcarts of Net. Artists for you to choose from. You pick the card you like, write your message, and send it off. The recipient will be notified by email that a card has been sent and to claim it at netcart.

One needs to have a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to view the netcart.

Cards are held at netcart for one week after they are sent.

netcart is free! There is no charge to send or receive these cards.


BEWARE: Alle Rights Reserved by the Authors. Please Contact the Artists in Case of Reproduction. If you want to buy or use an image please contact the artist !