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"Kingpins" in the Vierwaldstättersee
Remote controlled Kamikazepikes with bioexplosive charge

Lucerne, April 6th. 1996
"The location be on a place which ancient name was Luciaria. The holy St. Leodegar is the saint of the city yesterday as today. The name Lucerne is based on the name Luciaria and this word means 'Pike'."

In the "Vierwaldstättersee has been released artificial pikes which are equiped with a transmitter/receiver. As reliable informants have reported is the pike's task to disturb the radio transmission of ferryboats and waterpolice. By a radiocall they can be enabled to become a devilish suicidal force. The artificial pikes are provided with a bioexplosive device which will detonate in case of collision with other water vehicles or docks in the harbour.

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Currently the pikes are still in task with pure reconnaissance and radio disturbance. But with the help of a until today quite unknown technology their explosive charge will become everyday more and more explosive. In a biological process will be collected poison particles during the divings which increase the explosive power.

Ironically is the code word "Kingpin" derived from the idiom "Be the Kingpin in the carp pond".

Final Rescue Station Lucerne

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