chamanic-planetarian settlement (cps)

Graduation of Settlement/Units
following the original House of Happiness/Creed

Houses of Happiness/Arithmetic

The Houses of Happiness follow a strict planetary, inherently coherent plan. Not only the inner make-up of the individual Houses of Happiness permits the absolute expectation of happiness with the aid of the fundamental creed, but also the settlements structured in a chaman manner geared to happiness (cps) consolidate the guarantee of happiness to form an absolutely irrefutable paradigm.
Filtered from the experience and knowledge of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, a closed system of mutually dependent components has been created whose sole aim is to bring joy and happiness to the dwellers of the Houses of Happiness and the Settlement of Happiness:

1. Cell Tissue - House of Happiness/Cell

2. Unit - House of Happiness/Value

Crutch The Unit VRML2.0 43kb

3. The Village - House of Happiness/Circle

4. Utopia I - House of Happiness/Future I

1:1 WEBSITE 900m x 1200 m =1m = 3330 pixel= 2997000pixel X 3996000pixel --45kb

5. Utopia NN - House of Happiness/Dominion

6. The new Locations

Happiness is our creed. We are moving out into the world. Merrily we are establishing our settlements; joyfully we are searching for the locations of our happiness. We find the new locations. We find a place everywhere in the world that gives us happiness. We are building.

We are building in the high plains of Iceland.
We are building in the puszta of Hungary.
We are building in the jungles of South America.
We are building on the Teyde on Tenerife.
We are building in the cold forests of Canada.
We are building in the strangeness of Tasmania.

Development of Houses of Happiness Settlement

House of Happiness (HoH) Measurement incl. Estate qm incl. Estate
Cell Tissue one HoH 12m x 30m 360 qm
Unit 6 HoH 60m x 90m 5400 qm
Village 9 x 6 = 54 HoH 300m x 300 m 90.000 qm
Utopia 1 6 x 54 = 324 HoH 900m x 1200 m 118.000 qm
Utopia NN 9 x 324 = 2916 HoH ... ...
the new Locations of our Happiness
We are building! Everything will be fine!