The Invisible Embassy of Seborga

After the exhibition in the Hamburger Kunstverein 'discord - sabotage of realities' we proudly present you the continuous work of the Office for Information and PR of the Invisible Embassy of Seborga. We do this work to spread the fame and honour of the Glorious Leader of our beloved Principality of Seborga S.A.S. Georgio I.

In this moment we can offer you the following papers pubished by the Invisible Embassy. You may order them by filling in the form. Please don't forget your title, adress and country. You may order them as a packet. The price is DM 95.- Or if you prefer only one you may order a single one for the price of DM 25.- Each paper is limited and signated by the Invisible Embassy of Seborga.

Actually we can offer you:
The Box -
The 5 papers - as they are listed below - carefully presented in a special envelope - The hole concept of the Invisible Embassy of Seborga Project.
A limited version - a signed by hand.

Konzept der 10.000 Fürstentümer -
A short information about the backround of the Invisible Embassy of Seborga and the Manifesto for a new structure of the future Europa.

S.A.S. Georgio. I -
An artificial concept of an artificial leader. The politician as an artist. What are the tasks of a political leader? How does his work become a piece of artwork?

Zur Situation der Frauen -
The situation and the rights of women in a principality. In the view of the Invisible Embassy of Seborga: Of course the rights of women are protected and saved very well in the Principato di Seborga. How does a performance like this work?

Der Luigino... -
In correspondence with the historical prerogative from 1666 and by the law of the striking of coins, that was never abolished we decree the circulation ot the new Luigino, which will circulate in the territory of our Principato and in the communities of Alassio, Pietra Ligure and Acquiterme-City, who's mayors have acknowledged its legitimacy.

Die große Konferenz -
The Future of the Invisible Embassy: a thinktank to cooperate on forming the virtual UN of cyberspace. A new task for the Invisible Embassy to spread out and to augment the fame and honour of His Excellency S.A.S. Georgio I.

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