The delegation of the Republic , led by the President of the Republic , the delegation of the Republic leg by the President of the Presidency of the Republic and by the President of the Federation , after their talks in Split on July 22nd 1995, adopted a D E C L A R A T I O N on the implementation of the Washington Agreement, joint defense against Serb aggression and reaching a political solution congruent with the efforts of the international community Confirming thier strong commitment and political will to strengthen the cooperation and alliance of the nations in these fateful moments for the survival of both nations, faced with the increasing violence in the occupied territories, with the uncertainty of the peace process and the inefficacy of the international community; Having established that the occupying of and the attacks on the UN "safe areas" in and the joint operations against the UN "safe area" , the armed provocations in other areas of and , as well as the refusal of all peace plans by , are part of a unified and joint strategy of continuing aggression and attempt to maintain occupation of territories with the aim to create a "Great", under the leadership and with the full responsibility of the political and army leadership of the "FRY" (Serbia and Montenegro); Having established that the continued aggression and violent attempts to keep control of the occupied territories in , as well as the inadequate results of the peace process, command the leaders to fully examine the situation in the region from the standpoint of safeguarding the national survival people and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Expressing their irrevocable support to the implementation of the Washington Agreement on the establishment on the Federation, as well as its confederal linking to the Convinced that such a strong, internationally established, territorially viable, economically developed and democratically organized Federation is an irreplaceable governmental and political framework, the historical interest and the safest form of security and realization of equal national, political and other interests nations; Convinced also that on the basis of the realization of such a Federation nations and with the assistance of the international community, a solution to the crisis can be reached and the ground laid for a new, balanced regional order as a guarantee of peace, stability, security and development; Calling on reexamine their current militant policy and to accept the peacefull reintegration in the constitutional order of the Republic to accept the Contact Group plan; Calling on the "FRY" to give up aggression with the aim of creating a "Great ", to stop giving military assistance to the extremists and to agree to the mutual recognition of the within their internationally recognized borders; Confirming their readiness to actively contribute to the efforts towards an urgent revival of the peace process on the basis of acceptance of the Contact Group Plan well as the peaceful reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories; Underlying in particular that any prolongation of the existing ineffectiveness of UNPROFOR as well as the non-application of the UNCRO mandate will lead to the decision to call off the prolongation of their mandate Supporting the decision to send Rapid Reaction Forces and jointly establishing that all questions concerning their arrival, mandate and deployment must be organized by way of a special agreement in accordance with the sovereignty and territorial integrity Underlying the common viewpoint that any decision on lifting the arms embargo must be applied simultaneously Convinced that the "FRY" carries a special responsibility for the continuation of the crisis and judging that it is necessary to maintain and reinforce the United Nations Security Council sanctions system; Refusing ideas about renewing or creating any kind of new state community, considering them to be parallel and spare variations of Great hegemony, and supporting normalization in the region on the basis on sovereignty, independency and integrity; Confirming their interest in the urgent implementation of the aforementioned principles of the Declaration, agreement has been reached on: 1. Widening and strengthening of the defense cooperation on the basis of the Agreement on friendship and cooperation between July 21st 1992. In this respect, have called upon the Republic to extend urgent military and other assistance in the defense against aggresion, especially in the area , which the Republic of has accepted. Agreement has also been reached on the continuation of cooperation and constant coordination of defense actitivies Agreement has been reached as well on the cooperation between the main headquarters of the Army and the joint headquarters of the Army Defense Council for the sake of coordination of defense activities in the areas of command, logistics, military-industrial production, communication systems, information and analytical needs and other areas. 2. Creation of a political-legal expert group with the duty to urgently analyze and submit proposals for the integration of the functions of the Republic and Federaton 3. Addressing an invitation for a meeting of the group of 22 memeber states of the "Friends of the Federation" on the highest level, in view of urgent donations and assitance in the face of the humanitarian and refugee catastrophe and to examine long-term joint reconstruction and development strategies. 4. Maintaining regular and constant political consultations aiming at the realization of the principles and agreements of this Declaration, as well as the preparation of legal, political and other foundations for the establishment of confederal ties