Welcome to DEADMEN

Before DEADMEN is finally loaded you can use the delay in time to read a few lines for the background of it all.

The basic text of DEADMEN came from Daniel 72, underground designer in Milnrow nearby Manchester. I used some words of Daniel´s letter to catch the sense and combined it with graphics of myself. The soundloop is from the CD CEREBRUM Insomnia by Andreas Glöckner overlapped by children's voices recorded at St. Mary's Estate, Oldham.

I´ve tried to express the atmosphere of a ”cultural desert” in North England - particulary in Greater Manchester, Lanceshire. DEADMEN is a spontaneous reaction like a diary note how I felt after working and communicating in this area.

And it's one output of a long period of collaboration between artists from Bielefeld, Germany and artists living and working in Greater Manchester.

Over the time since 1989
groups and artists were involved like

  • A.F.T.E.R.
    (Artists for the environment of Rochdale)
  • R.A.W.
    (Rochdale Artists Workspace)
  • LICHTKLANG intermedia art
    (Manfred Jurasek and Klaus-d.Michel, Germany)
  • Wayne Cheetham
    (painter and poet, Oldham)
  • Emrys Morgan
    (art-teacher and performer, Rochdale)
  • Joff Pincher
    (artist and mediadesigner, Manchester)
  • Daniel 72
    (musician and designer, Milnrow)
  • KUNSTcoop/Büro für Kunst
    (german artgroup organisation)

    Klaus-dieter Michel/editor

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