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using essentialist terms in a non-essentialist way - visions on cyberfeminism - need for more complexity, multiplicity, simultaneity - rethinking gender, class, race, technology ... in the pursuit of multiple differences - situating questions - thinking - communicating - defining - organisations - representations - structures - languages - words - images - feminism - feminisms - cyber - xyber - manifestos - manifestations - feminity as processing - content - practice - independant - interdependant - formcontent - contentform - majority - consensus - anarchy - power - irony - *woman* - word processing - internet - women on the internet - net - networking - the art of networking - networking dynamic - arachnomorphic future - spider-feminism - the future is visible - inter-s - socio-political - cultural - philosophical - strategies - constructions - subject-free - in memoriam to identity - zones in between - difference - sexual difference - logical zeros and ones - open/closed - /whereis - /whatis - /whois - cyborgs - queens - godesses - angels - babes - whores - chicks - ghosts - girlies - grrrls - systers - bad girls - mothers - monsters - machines - witches - bitches - saints - bodyminds - mindbodies - post-human - paradoxes of embodiment - alliance between technology and culture - perversely fruitful - fruitfully perverse - polymorphous - re-embodiments - re-locations - cultural practise - fatal attraction - non-nostalgic solutions - to the contradictions - challenges of our age - technophilic approach - rasterbation - repetition - technique - technology - machine - digital - zero - one - data - databody - male - female - gender - trouble - code - identity - subjectivity - subject-free - zone - matrix - clitoris - button - wet - net - matter - information - question - connection - connectivity - power - plug-in - hardware - software - operator

xyberfeminism within a difference in postmodernity framework of cyberspace post-human bodies stressing the paradoxes of embodiment declining modernist hopes of jargon-ridden sexual alliance between technology and culture a surface of inscriptions of social codes the politics of parody away from technophobia and infinite process of hybridization the need for new utopias increasing racism and xenophobia inter-connected between surveillance and control claiming to be cyborg rather than godesses representing postmodern feminity and hyper-real gender being digital image the informatics of domination visualization as the ultimate form of control primacy of vision satellite/eye in the sky disembodied vision nowhere is the feminist challenge more evident than in the field of artistic practice in-built assumption of visual superiority testifying the new mode with a touch of violence the not-existing woman and cyberfeminism as the simple acknowledgement that patriarchy is doomed the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix there'll always be grrrls who like getting their buttons wet and the future unmanned get their code sucked runaway auto-immunity of a humanity that is no longer itself to the frontier of patriarchy's automated defence networks already female cyberfeminism is information technology as a fluid attack onslaught on human agency and the solidity of identity complexity overwhelms the human masters of history it is not a political project, and has neither theory nor practice, no goals and no principles - it manifests itself as an alien invasion, a program which is already running beyond the human cyberfemininity a virtual reality whose identity is a mere tatic of infiltration humanity living out the last days of the spectacle the phase of illusion cyberfeminism the process by which its story is racing to an end cyberfeminists incursion into various technoworlds is nomadic, spontaneous, and anarchic need a shift in consciousness to begin the subversion of the current gender structure can possibly believe that age, race, or gender do not matter in cyberspace - in cyberspace men can't interrupt you i'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess in practice the computer industry runs on exploited female labour men are simply kidding themselves if they think they can control the technological forces they've unleashed spontaneous emergence of cyberfeminism bossy cunts online differential literacies necessary to evade millenarian closures mutated time-space regime the modern cunt the future cunt

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