survival of the fittest

It is nothing but a definition from the zoo - the Brooklyn zoo. But right now the zoo is everywhere! Neid crew members are just some of the animals out there trying to find something to eat and pleasure, too. To do a magazine is one of our way - to get what we want!

For four years the crew (more or less 30 people, from all over the world) has been creating 'parites', to support video production, (art-)shows, audio record productions and the magazine itself. Right now the parties are on a level where abstract electronical sound taken from life acoustic instruments comes along with dj-ing (trip hop, electro, chicago/detroit house, german techno, jungle, dub, disco and hip hop) mixed with spoken word or singing. The inspiration for that comes out of N.Y.'s 'RV', the abstract wave, supported by Tim, Spooky, Akin, Manny, Sun Dub, Honey Child, Ligea, Beth, Olive and many many others. Also video-DJs like Eyescratch (N.Y.) and Art Jones (N.Y.) supported and inspired us a lot. We are about to make a video about one of these jams!

Another main interest is shooting pictures with the help of so many supportive people and supermodels! Photographies are visual thoughts. We think it's a pity that the german magazine market does not have a place for intelligent fashion pictures/photos in general. Especially the way how women appear makes us just 'sick and tired'. This goes out to Germoney: we don't have no 'Face', we don't have no 'i-D', we are living in the desert of 'Brigitte', 'Petra' or 'Tempo' - it's unbelievable... We don not want to be underground, we are independent (the 80's are over!). Here comes 'Vogue' from the zoo!

Many parts of life and culture are getting more and more privatized. It's hard to deal with deifferent people, cultures and sceenes. But we try to work it out and connect it! Because we believe in a symbiosis of 'everything with everything' - a mix!

We didn't manage to get as much bi-lingual articles as we wanted, but we are proud to present Neid on the www. Step by step we hope to publish some translations in there, too.

So for now, just relax and start surfing through art, pop, poetry, fashion, drawings, musical discussions and their fusion with visuals.

Thanks to everybody who gave us love and a helping hand!