Lori F. Schy

Fem Fetish

Hello Girlfriends!

Good Morning, I'm up at seven in the morning this beautiful sunny sunday in San Fran. Thank you so much for your quick response to my story and I'm so very glad, that you like my work! This made my day upon receiving your o.k. on using it in your next issue of Neid.
Clearly Nikki is the fresh young girl being brought into the world of her lover's more divers lifestyle. You were able to receive the message well and this to me shows that I did good.
Nikis lover is the one in a higher knowledge within this sexuality. Yet, can anyone truly know, what someone else is thinking of our feeling ? Thus the caring between the two to share and communicate this fresh experience.
Both women are in fact part of me. Nikki is my fresh first experience, while her lover is the stronger woman, I have become with age and interest to further my sexuality. This story was a thrill to write as well as to express some of my realities and fantasies. I also chose to do it on my own, without the input of my editor friend. I felt that her style of writing repressed my own and caused for a conflict in my true self and work. So this is Lori with no holding back of what I truly want to share with my readers . . . .

I took her to The Voyeur, she'd never been to a sex club. As we walked up the long dark stairway I grabbed Niki by the hand and roughly pulled her towards me saying "now you'll learn something new, baby, come over here." Leading her through the hall we came to the first room. A walkway surrounded the four walls where you're able to look through small windows. I pulled Niki up to a window as I pressed my body against hers. A clear view could now be seen of a woman with long legs streched apart on top of a table. She was very good looking from the curve of her silken legs down to the stilettos she wore. Her face was covered with a blindfold exposing only her full red lips. Her bare bottom thrashed about as her mistress cuffed her wrists to the chains hanging from the ceiling. Now she would be in total submission to her untouchable mistress. She firmly took hold of her breasts, her legs begun to quiver as she moaned desperately.

Leaning over Niki's shoulder I whispered in her ear "look at me, kiss me". I then led Niki to another room and offered her a cocktail. We sat in a corner on a small sofa, "comfortable? what do you think so far ?" I asked. "I like it, I'm glad you're turning me on to this and that you are here with me. Is there only the one room ?". "No, no there's more."
When I experienced my first fetish event I had no idea what to expect. I was relieved that I felt so comfortable in its surroundings, the lighting soothed while the music accentuated the mood running throughout the club. Deeper into the Voyeur are a lot of very small chill rooms perfectly sized for two. As the night progresses these rooms become more used for sexual experimentation by some of the crowd. While others will indulge in viewing something or other going on in them, they'll stand directly watching within the dark hallways.
Niki was anxious to see more. Getting up from the sofa I held Nikis hand. "Stay close to me", I said. On occasion there have been people who get out of control, grabbing at whoever they please. Niki did turn heads often. Her ivory skin contrasted beautifully with her jet black hair and large dark blue eyes. Her petite body complimented her nicely shaped breasts that tore through her low cut, tight fitting shirt. Niki always dressed sensually exuding her assets to their fullest. Tonight Niki would be mine only, as I exposed her freshness to the dimensions of fetish pleasure.
The club was in full swing, a large crowd of widely different people as well as levels of experience in S/M was now filling the Voyeur.
I could hear the sound of leather sweeping through the air. Whacks slowly repeating themselves became louder as we approached another room, painted black with low red lighting enhancing the look.
Niki was in front of me, watching the topless woman endure the strokes of pain and pleasure that her master would inflict. Grabbing her wrists he tied them together with a leather strap placing them above her head. He tightly fastened them to the wire fence in front of her. Her beautiful breasts shook. The expectation mounting would soon turn to a thrill of excitement.
I grapped her by her arm and forcefully walked her to the black room she was unable to understand. This time I stayed very close to her. I want to be open to this kind of pleasure, help me to do so, Niki whispered to me, in her soft voice.
"I'll tell you how I felt it, honey," I said. My first time here I roamed around. I too avoided the black room, I'd pass through it, unable to stay too long. Walking around I found myself drawn back by its mystery to me. I decided I wasn't going to let my ignorance keep me away. After all I came here to experiment and expand. Niki was now holding on to me as we watched.
Secretly I imagened I was absorbing the sting of the strokes as I concentrated on the shaved pussy. He pounded on her over just far enough to catch a glimpse of her shaved pussy. He pounded on her squirming ass, her silky flesh turning a hot pink, with each wack the sound of the leather rhythmically began to thrill me to the point of desire. Niki was edging her way of the room. I followed her and we grabbed a couple beers. Niki seemed a little uptight now, after all, this was her first time. I rubbed her gently kissing the back of her neck softly. The game playing can be different, and is for everyone, I said. Niki wanted to understand the pleasure of the pain.
She's loving it! Imagine yourself up there naked domminated by an attractive woman. Being teased just enough that you begin to quiver with delight, your pussy juicy with excitement. You're possessed by the desire for more. Just than, WACK! Absorbing the sting of spank; the sensuality of your position takes over. The tingle remains, your palms perspire with excitement. The searing pain of your ass on the fire begins to fuse with the pleasure of your most erogenous zone thus the agony turnes into ecstasy.
We returned back to the wall room, I pulled Niki to the floor where the lower windows allowed for a new perspective. Mistress Carol was now holding a peach in each hand. She squeezed one all over her supple breasts and began to tease her nipples. The juice slowly dripped down between her cleavage. Ripping off her blindfold, her palm came down brushing across her ass. "Lick me" she begged, mistress Carol didn't reply. She slipped her fingers between her lips of her pussy tickling her clit. She began slowly, two fingers, then three edging her hand into her wet pussy. I grabbed Niki by her hair and turned her face towards mine, kissing her sweet lips. Just than mistress Carol yelled: "Keep still !". We turned around to see that her arm was up in her pussy to her elbow ! Her whole body shuddered violently as mistress Carol thrusted her arm deeper into her. She screamed with pleasure at every stroke. Niki couldn't believe she was truly taking it all in. She flicked her lighter so that she could see in the dark more clearly. "Niki!" I protested. She quickly put the lighter away.
Nikis hands now clenched mine with each spank. I slipped my hands around her breasts, pinching her hard erect nipples. I began licking and biting her neck. Her breath was shallow and rapid. I could feel her body's excitement. A delicious feeling of control came over me. I led Niki to one of the small chill-out rooms. Nikis kisses became fierce, I inched my hands into her pants as I pulled them down, I spanked her hard, she squeezed me and begged for more.
I spread her legs, her pussy dripped with wetness. I smacked her ass again, she moaned with pleasure. She looked me deeply in the eyes and said: "I've always wanted this". I spanked and pleased her till finally I let her come. She cried onto my breasts as I held her. Niki had never felt anything so strong.
comic panels aus: "2 Hot Girls on a Hot Summer Night", written by Terry Hooper, illustrated by Art Wetherell (published by Gary Groth and Kim Thompson)

copyright by neid, den künstlern und autoren