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Neid has pretty much roots in the german way of life. We try to reflect several aspects of it, like, as long as one of the parts go: art. In germany, since the 80s, it has become a kind of bad habit to talk and present work via folders, information papers and catalogs like commercial firms do. That has to do with the idea of talking to masses, but these terms are so abstract and in the same time a cause of pressure. Neid tries to find a way out of this language and that is touching the question what this magazine want's to be and who it want to talk to.
If the masses enjoy naked bodies or like in woman magazines, are interested in relationship problems, why has it to be so oppressive? Why has it to be so right-winged, discriminating and productselling?
At the same time it is very hard to deal with a kind of left-wing critic which is still very dogmatic. Neid gets attacked by those people several times cause it seems to be difficult to see big tits or erotic apart from mechanism they are connected with. Neid is absolutly against those mechanism.
So our magazine needs to be looked more in detail.
There are a lot of problems in society, Neid expected to be a kind of ring to discuss them. (The same fist that can beat a man, can grab a pen and write an article - we call it poetic justice.)
One of the problems is that there is still no alternativ for building a family. But at the other hand you see more and more the fall of the family values. It doesn't exist anymore as a normal way to give a person love and understanding.
It's not only a problem of womanhood who has to choose between a career or a baby, it is also stressing man's world, that business and the rest of your life are taking more and more divided ways. But many people have to play the rules of working life and by doing it so called "right" it changes the life of everyone.
Looking toward America it may be the best example to see how far that goes. It gets normal that you lose your job if you become pregnant, ill or if you have to deal with problems like drugs or language problems. Then you can see all that people lying in cartons on the street, you can see them cueing up in kilometer long lines for wellfare bread - and that seems more and more secondary in the shadow of the shimmmering skyscrapers.
The Hip Hop Community, which is also one of Neids parts (and might be function here as a role model for lots of different groups/ways of life) reacts in building their own business, values and ways to express themselves and in the end this world has nothing to do anymore with the world outside.
That might function for many people but it means also isolation. Neid tries to respect and deal with as many perspectives as possible and also tries to build relations and bridges between them. That was one positive aspect of people working on Neid.
We want to thank our friends, families and the people who gave us love and a helping hand!
We are interested in what you think about Neid, and if you want to send us a letter.

copyright by neid, den künstlern und autoren