Welcome dear friends and visitors

it has begun on 4th of April 1999.
At that time after 10 days of Nato-bombing on Yugoslavia I decided to found a web project which main task is to express creative resistance against the insane practice of power policy on what side ever. And so a protest site arose for online-art against war and violence. Two aims were and are very important in this concern: First free speech for all what led to a widespread of different positions and statements on this site. And second a kind of spontaneous handling of your contributions what gives a quick idea the same right to be exhibited here as some complexer artsites. In fact i am a bit proud that we got a lot of attention, by a large number of visitors, by you who have participated and last but not least by some newspapers and online magazines.

Thank you all for your engagement and interest.

Now the times have moved on. The bombings are over. But I still feel a will to continue the Anti.War.Art joint venture project. Convinced that a creative dialogue and reflection about war, intolerance, racism, nationalism and fundamentalism everywhere you look in the world is too precious to cancel it now. I would appreciate if a lot of you take the chance to extend this site to a global art-stream in the struggle for peace, human rights and freedom. I am curiously looking forward to your contributions. And I am also enthusiastic for an international collaboration with net-art projects with similar tasks.

so let us increase the virtual heat.
Feel free and e-mail me.

Klaus-dieter Michel, July 1999
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