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"...very important in terms of sexual enticement is to mediate the impression that the visitor will become involved in the presented actions. The observer is always assigned the role of the 'missing' performer in all the pornscenes."

"...the mega-magnification delivers the fantasy of distance vs. the closeness to the object of observation. To blow it up means to deconstruct the whole context."

"Global Porn Trap is [like] an absurd electronic board game for 'adults' ".

[Greek] mêchanêma, atis, n., = mêchanêma, a piece of mechanism, a trick

INTERVIEW Iliyana NEDKOVA in an e-mail conversation with Klaus-dieter MICHEL about Porn Trapdoors, Blinkfaces and Other Webart Virtues

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Adults only go beyond this point!. Enjoy it. Again and again.
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