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art team Igor Stepancic
Klaus-dieter Michel
Zoran Dimovski

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idea(s) 3Brain is an artistic collaboration to create a three layered 'brain', based on the concept that "The human brain is actually three brains, like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble".

3Brain is an international - till today exclusively 'virtual' teamwork - between four artists and has originally arised from the cooperation and compassion of Anti.War sites during the 'Kosovo War' in 1999.

3Brain is an art project that came to life out of love energy shared among a group of friends, who started the long and daring quest for the QuantumSelf.

Our means are artistic, yet combining the science and technology.

Our resources are dug deep into our own brain structures, personal computer structures and social environment structures.

Our research is thorough and systematic, and it is conducted worldwide. Yet the outcome is unpredictable.

Our goal is to come close to QuantumSelf, that unknown, indefinable essence. Many questions have been asked yet few answers have been offered.

Our results are published through the 3Brain Network. They are posted for you to join the journey that leads through the human brain, inside story, that is all too often reflected in patterns of our behavior.

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Klaus-dieter Michel
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Zoran Dimovski
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